1. GPS Data Logger: Helping Our Nation Help Others

    We hear so often that, as a first world nation with so many resources and opportunities available, it’s our responsibility to help out groups, peoples, or nations who need aid. It’s the right thing to do, and we do have the resources, so a great many Americans have founded, volunteered for, and given to charities that help others from local communities to international ones. Providing aid and …Read More

  2. Cargo Thieves: Modern Day Pirates?

    Black Friday is, hands down, the biggest single sales day of the year. However, don’t discount the impact every other annual holiday has on sales and promotions. Even those holidays that don’t necessarily bring a day off, like President’s Day or Valentine’s Day, are guaranteed to bring on another round of sales the preceding weekend. This means the weeks leading up to any holiday, major or…Read More

  3. Revolutionize Dispatch With The Best Fleet Tracking System

    Do you have a taxi service, towing service, or even a delivery company that relies on timely service? How much time is lost every day because a vehicle you thought was near a dispatch location was actually a half hour (or more) across the city? One of the greatest marvels of technology, at least as far as fleet management goes, is the ability to see exactly where all of your vehicles are at a give…Read More

  4. GPS Tracking Device: Hardwired or Plug In?

    Has your company ever experienced a moment that feels like it was taken directly from a movie? Maybe it’s a thriller - the driver is just trucking along, making steady progress on their route until he stops to grab a snack and a cup of coffee, and when he comes out, the truck full of cargo is gone. With no way to track it, you may find yourself wishing for Liam Neeson to appear and hunt down the…Read More

  5. International Fleet Tracking: Do You Know Where Your Trucks Are?

    Running a business and keeping up with customer demand and economic fluctuations is hard enough on a local or state-wide basis. When you add international travel, border crossing time, and customs requirements, international fleet tracking becomes exponentially more complex. Yet, your international customers have the same expectations for timely service that your local or national customers do. Ru…Read More

  6. Starting a Small Business? You Need The Best Fleet Management Solutions

    Starting a new business is hard. Not only do you have to create the initial business plan and find a way to make your business stand out in the crowd, you’ll also need to find the capital to get all the equipment, goods, and staff to actually run the business. If you’re in the midst of starting a new business, you want to get everything going on the right foot, to better set yourself and your …Read More

  7. Theft Prevention With A GPS Data Logger

    Has your carrier or delivery service experienced cargo theft? Since more than 32 million dollars of goods were stolen in 2014 alone (according to this FBI report), odds are good that your fleet has, at some point, had to deal with the effects of cargo theft. As is the case with any theft, the effects extend beyond simply trying to recover the goods and move on. At GS Trackme, our goal is to not on…Read More

  8. Go Mobile With Our Fleet Tracking System

    Some days, it may feel like smartphones have taken over the world. Think about it, when was the last time you made it a full day without pulling out your phone or watching dozens (if not hundreds) of people use theirs? With current technology, it’s possible to do everything from watch entertaining cat videos to write a perfectly formatted conference paper, all while constantly on the go. So why …Read More

  9. Increasing Fuel Efficiency With a GPS Data Logger

    When we order something from Amazon, most of us automatically assume that a majority of the travel for our order is done via cargo plane, and those last few miles are the only time the package sits on a truck. This may be true for that DVD you ordered from Amazon, but for a great majority of shipments made in Utah and across the US, they travel by truck or van. According to Trucks.com, trucks haul…Read More

  10. Winter Weather Help From GPS Tracking Devices

    As we enter into February, winter weather conditions will only get stronger here in Utah and across the Rockies. February, March, and April are typically the most snow- and ice-heavy months, which can lead to particularly perilous driving conditions, even for fleets that never leave the city limits. Whether your fleet is comprised of vans, eighteen-wheelers, or a mixture of different vehicles, the…Read More