GS Trackme, LLC

Track your vehicle for under a dollar a day!

Seamless, Efficient, Cost-Saving


Reduce Costs

  • Save on fuel

  • Fewer speeding tickets

  • Save on maintenance

  • Theft recovery

  • Save on payroll

  • Save on insurance

  • Fewer crashes


Increase Productivity

  • Improve driver compliance

  • Make more deliveries

  • Finish more jobs

  • Win more government jobs

  • Prevent side trips

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Save driver & admin time

Why not use the money you save while using GS Trackme and invest it back into your business!

Receive an ROI Analysis

Return on Investment

Do You Know?

Every day that your vehicles are out on the road without an adequate GPS tracking system you are losing hard earned money. Wouldn't it be nice to take the money saved with the GS Trackme fleet management system and invest it back into your business? We have the solution!