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Track your vehicle for under a dollar a day!

Seamless, Efficient, Cost-Saving

Reports & Analytics

All the information captured from the vehicle tracking device is taken and organized into easy to read reports and analytics, giving you the most relevant reports regarding your fleet and allowing you to make better decisions for your company. All fleet GPS tracking reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel and Word for easy filing. 





Excessive RPM's

Open Door

Vehicle On/Off


Low Battery

Sweeper/Plow Up or Down

Hard Braking & Quick Starts

Battery Disconnected


With the GS Trackme live GPS tracker, you can create an unlimited amount of Geofences. Geofences allow you to set boundaries around an area, in order to know when vehicles arrive/leave a job site, etc.


Points of Interest

POI's are useful to highlight landmarks, offices, or gas stations for quick and easy reference.


Text & Email Notifications

Get real-time notifications sent right to your phone or email about every fleet tracking device. You can set these up to make you aware of speeding alerts, geofences, idling, etc. for your entire fleet.


Posted Speeds & More

Posted Speeds

Through our partner SpeedGauge, we are able to provide the posted speeds feature, along with instant notifications of posted speed violations via text or email.

Maintenance Schedules

Prevent the big issues before they happen. Use the GS Trackme fleet management system to customize maintenance schedules for oil changes, tires, brakes, and regular tune-ups.

Remote Engine Kill

With the hardwire device, you have the option of a driver help button. This allows the driver to quickly signal the Fleet Manager in case of an accident, breakdown, etc.


**Actual features and functions vary based on the service plan and type of device used. Contact us for more information

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